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                   Dezhou Colin auneau controlled equipment limited company is located in known as the "nine Tak, the portal" reputation of the Shandong province Dezhou City, geographic location, convenient transportation. This is a company specialized in HVAC control and building automation productsR & D, production, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises, the company since its inception, has always regarded quality as the survival of this, strict implementationof ISO9001:2000quality management system. The company's products cover the central air-conditioning thermostat;thermostat to warm; all kinds of electric two way valve, electric control valve; flow switch; automatic replenishment valve.


                   The company also with the domestic large and medium-sized enterprises cooperation, agent sales of air conditioning accessories. The company's product range, supporting strong,can not only provide the high price of the product, but also to provide you with the HVAC engineering comprehensivesolutions, business at home and abroad.Refine on product quality to reach the acme of perfection, the service concept of quality morality; professional staff; realistic and innovative corporate culture; we sincerely。


                   welcome customers at home and abroad with our sincere cooperation, a total exhibition ambitious!

            聯系人:李經理      手 機:15166998291       電 話:0534-2324155;傳 真:0534-2646155
            德州科林歐諾自控設備有限公司 版權所有   地址:德州市德城區天衢工業園康寧路1187號    技術支持:藝展信息